Subcontract lathing

Subcontract lathing of steel, aluminium, brass and bronze

Since 1954, the Piedmont company PGF has been offering subcontract metal lathing services particularly for small and medium sized metal parts, supporting a wide range of articles in diameters from 5 mm to 65 mm. In nearly sixty years of activity, the company has developed from a small craft firm to an industrial company specialising in the production of various types of precision machining and subcontract steel lathingbut also for other materials such as aluminium, brass and bronze. PGF operates in the provinces of Turin, Asti and Alessandria, as well as throughout the national territory.


The equipment for subcontract lathing in the Pianezza (Turin) facility allows for the design and production of turned and milled parts and components through the use of state of the art machinery such as fixed and sliding headstock CNC lathes, automatic lathes, single-spindle mechanical machines, as well as multi-spindle machines for large production runs. In addition, the company has a small finishing department equipped with machines for threading, milling, drilling and rolling operations so as to ensure a truly comprehensive service.


The metals subjected to lathing operations include brass, bronze and aluminium, as well as mild, high strength and hardened steels. The experience gained over the years has allowed the company to specialise in the production of rods, shafts, fittings, valves, rings and pins, but in any case we can deliver parts to customer designs for all requirements.

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