Automatic lathing

Among the companies involved in automatic lathing, PGF can boast almost sixty years of experience, making it one of the most established at local and national level. In the province of Turin we have a large production facility where personnel trained in the processing of machined metal parts employ a wide range of machines for the rapid and high quality production of a wide range of precision metal components. PGF is active mainly active at national and European level but also collaborates with small businesses located in the province of Asti and Alessandria.


An organized structure and advanced technologies

The company takes on orders of all quantities - from small ones to more substantial contracts - in a prompt manner and respecting the delivery terms.

Instrumental for this purpose:


  • fixed-head CNC machine tools.
  • single-spindle machines with bar passage from 5 to 60 mm.
  • Automatic multi-spindle lathes with bar passage of 28mm.
  • Transfer machine tools, machines for drilling, threading, milling and rolling.


Continuous commitment from our management assures first-class quality and a competitive quality/price factor; the direct involvement of a group of qualified technicians guarantees special care and attention to your product, combining the quality of artisan skill with the efficiency of an industrial organisation. Furthermore, the company also operates the ISO 9001: 2008 quality system.

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