Prototypes turned to specifications

PGF produces turned prototypes to specification, or rapid small production batches. We entrust the work to qualified staff and state of the art CNC lathes to minimise machine setup times thus assuring an excellent quality/price ratio. Our prototypes are executed with great precision on aluminium, stainless steel, brass and other materials suitable for machining.

Prototyping and product engineering

Product prototyping and engineering phases allow enterprise-customers to develop a product with detailed knowledge of the relative strengths and weaknesses, hence understanding whether the project can be completed as planned or developed in a different manner. Prototypes are subjected to modifications and improvements in order to arrive at the final version.


Aware of the market's fundamental requirement for minimising cost, PGF srl, thanks to its lathing and milling know-how developed over the years, can support its customers right from the design phase, advising on the most convenient solutions for the eventual production phase so that the customer may take advantage of PGF's specific skills and achieve the best possible reduction in product costs.

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